. CyberPatrol CyberSitter NetNanny SurfWatch
By Microsystems Software Inc. Solid Oak Software Net Nanny Spyglass Inc.
Works on Macintosh, Windows 3.1,
Windows 95
Windows 3.1,
Windows 95,
Windows NT
Windows 3.1, Windows 95 Macintosh, Windows 3.1, Windows 95
Filter Updates 3 months included 1 year unlimited, free 6 months included
Update Frequency daily/weekly daily monthly daily
Ease of Update one-button click one-button click several-step process one-button click
Installation simple simple simple simple
Configuring simple simple medium difficulty simple
Allow enable/disable yes yes yes yes
Password yes
(prompted after installation)
(manually set after installation)
(prompted after installation)
(prompted during installation)
Tamper Proof yes
(2 levels of security available)
yes yes yes
Secure Files yes yes yes yes
Filter Library several included several included several included several included
Can Customize Sites yes yes yes

Net Nanny is the only software company to allow parents to see what's being blocked.

Can Customize filtering keywords yes yes yes yes
How many different child settings up to 9 children 1 child only multi-user 1 child only
Filtering Techniques . . . .
Website/URL yes yes yes yes
Hostname/IP yes yes yes yes
Keyword/Phrases yes yes yes yes
Search Engines no yes yes yes
Chat Applications yes yes yes yes
Filtering Areas . . . .
Blocks Games yes no yes no
Protects Files/Disks from Deletion/Formatting yes no yes no
Filters Outgoing Information yes yes yes no
Monitors Online Access no yes yes no
World Wide Web Categories Filtered (can be selected by parents) violence/profanity, partial nudity, full nudity, sexual acts/text, gross depictions/text, intolerance, satanic/cult, drugs/drug culture, militant/extremist, sex education, questionable/illegal & gambling, alcohol/tobacco adult, sexually oriented, violence, gay/lesbian, illegal/radical activities, hate/intolerance, cult/occult, sports and leisure, advertising categories not named specifically but include:
sexually explicit, violence, hate speech, drugs/alcohol
sexually explicit, violence, hate speech, drugs/alcohol, gambling

Updated: 8/21/99


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